“Thambi” the humanoid robot

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.”

Yann LeCun

I’m intending to manufacture a propelled humanoid robot. Think Ex Machina, The Terminator, Data from Star Trek, and so on… So simply like Data on Star Trek’s maker made Data to look simply like him, I’m making mine an identical representation of myself! I need the robot to at last move like a human, have the option to walk, run, hop, do errands, move, do sports, have discussions sensibly, paint, do form, and so on. Expectation you appreciate tailing me on my EPIC adventure.

I intend to begin chiseling the left arm and hand, fixing them up with servo engines, interfacing that up to a pc, and getting it to get a handle on. From that point I will build up the middle, the skull, the legs, the feet, and the other arm. The bot will have silicone skin and look reasonable and move sensible. It will have counterfeit lungs for cooling.

It will have spandex tendons and pulley frameworks to copy muscles. It will have sensors to feel in the event that it catchs things and it will have webcam eyes. It will have a speaker in the mouth to talk with and the mouth will move to lipsync what it is stating. It will have outward appearances. It will have progressed man-made brainpower. It will run on battery and additionally control link contingent upon the circumstance.

I chose to hurl conventional assembling ideas utilized in mechanical autonomy out the window and make my robot in a manner that intently pursues the plan and structure of the human body. I am utilizing a nearby imitation of human bones for the armature/structure of the robot and utilizing spandex texture to shape counterfeit tendons. For the cooling framework, I’m going to utilize counterfeit rushes.

For the musculature, I will utilize nylon upholstery string appended toward one side to servomotors and on the opposite end to the joint that servomotor is activating. This procedure I thought of in the wake of watching the manner in which that bicycle hand brakes are planned.

The robot will utilize a locally available pc running proxmox, dockers and kubernetes Windows 7 and will be customized with C++. It will interface with a progression of Arduinos, inbuilt proxmox facilitated dockers and raspberry pi’s by means of USB and those Arduinos will be associated with servomotor controller sheets and those sheets will be associated with servos. I envision having more than 200 servomotors.

It will likewise have around 100 power sensors which will gauge muscle pressure so as to distinguish impact, exertion being exhausted, balance, load weight, and so on. I intend to have webcams mounted in the eyes, which will be empty, and the webcams will be covered up inside them. I intend to have mouthpieces to enable the robot to take sound directions and hear individuals talk with the goal that it can hold practical discussions.

It will have progressed man-made reasoning, gps, cloud get to, sonar, speakers in the mouth to empower it to talk, practical outward appearances, sensible silicone skin, and genuine hair. So as to give the robot a precise profile that matches the human body, it will have an adaptable work exoskeleton lattice structure that I will shape individually body and expel from my body and construct the robot inside this exoskeleton. The exoskeleton will misshape like muscles during developments of the body and the silicone skin will be shaped over the highest point of this exoskeleton.