5 Command Line Tools to Find Files Quickly in Linux

1. Find Command find command is a powerful, widely used CLI tool for searching and locating files whose names match simple patterns, in a directory hierarchy. Using find is simple, all you need to do is provide a starting point (top of the directory heirarchy) where the search beings. This can be the current directory or …

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The fourth download utility in our list is Axel, attempts to improve the downloading process by using multiple connections for one file. It can use multiple download locations for one download. According to the developers, Axel can increase the download speed of your downloads by 60% and it supports protocols: HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, and FTPS. We …

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Aria is another multi-protocol download tool. Aria supports HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/SFTP BitTorrent and Metalink. Some of the features that make it different compared to others are that it supports the download of files from multiple locations at the same time, magnet links and is fully featured BitTorrent client. As a BitTorrent client, it supports DHT, PEX, …

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