C Program for Monthly Bill of a Newspaper

Algorithm for to calculate monthly bill of newspaper


  • Read the number of days.
  • Read the new paper cost.
  • Read the Service charge.
  • if there is a service charge, calculate price using service charge + (no of days* news paper cost)
  • If there is no service charge calculate using, no of days* news paper cost
  • print the total news paper bill

C Program to Calculate Monthly Newspaper bill


int main()
int no_of_days;
float paper_per_day_cost, total_bill, service_charge;
char service;

// Read the Number of days paper delivered
printf("Enter the number of days paper delivered:");
scanf("%d", &no_of_days);
//Number of days must be greater than 0 to calculate price
if(no_of_days <= 0 || no_of_days > 31 )
    printf("No paper bill for the month or wrong data entered.");
    printf("Enter the paper cost per day:");
    scanf("%f", &paper_per_day_cost);

    // Paper cost must be greater than zero
        printf("Your paper bill is 0.");
        // Service Charge is optional, add service charge if required
        printf("Do you have service charge? Enter Y or N :");
        scanf("%s", &service);

        if(service=='Y' || service=='y')
            printf("Enter Service Charge : ");
            scanf("%f", &service_charge);
            total_bill = service_charge + no_of_days * paper_per_day_cost;
            total_bill = no_of_days * paper_per_day_cost;
        printf("Total bill is : $%0.2f", total_bill);
return 0;



Enter the number of days paper delivered:30
Enter the paper cost per day:3.50
Do you have service charge? Enter Y or N :Y
Enter Service Charge : 30
Total bill is: $135.00

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