CMUS – Console Music Player

Written in C programming language, CMUS is a light-weight yet powerful console-based music player designed for Unix/Linux systems. It supports a wide range of audio formats and is quite easy to navigate once you have mastered some basic commands.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features in brief:

Support for an array of popular music formats including mp3, aac, wave, and flac to mention a few.
Output sound in ALSA and JACK format.
Ability to organize your music in playlists and create queues for your songs. With CMUS, you can also create your custom music library.
Plenty of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to make your user experience fun.
Support for gapless playback that lets you play music without interruption.
You can find extensions and other handy scripts from CMUS’s wiki.

Install CMUS on Linux

$ sudo apt-get install cmus   [On Debian, Ubuntu & Miny]
$ sudo dnf install cmus       [On CentOS, RHEL & Fedora]
$ sudo pacman -S cmus         [On Arch Linux & Manjaro]

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