Musikcube is another free and opensource terminal-based music player that leverages a collection of plugins written in C++ to provide functionality such as data streaming, digital signal processing, output handling and so much more.

Musikcube is a cross-platform music player that can even run on Raspberry Pi. It uses the SQLite database for storing playlist and track metadata. It runs purely on a text-based UI built with ncurses.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features:

Can deliver an output of 24bit/192k audio with ease.
The music player offers both playlists and play queue management.
Can act as a streaming audio client on a headless server.
Support for libraries with over 100,000 tracks.
It provides gapless playback with cross-fading effect along with index tagging.

Musikcube - Terminal Based Music Player
For installation, head over to the releases page and grab the .deb or .rpm for your version of Linux and install it using the installation guide to get up and running.

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