Package Installation

List all installed packages with yum:

yum list installed
Find a package by a related keyword:

yum search [keyword]
Show package information and summary:

yum info [package_name]
Install a package using the YUM package manager:

yum install [package_name.rpm]
Install a package using the DNF package manager:

dnf install [package_name.rpm]
Install a package using the APT package manager:

apt-get install [package_name]
Install an .rpm package from a local file:

rpm -i [package_name.rpm]
Remove an .rpm package:

rpm -e [package_name.rpm]
Install software from source code:

tar zxvf [source_code.tar.gz]
cd [source_code]
make install
Process Related
See a snapshot of active processes:

Show processes in a tree-like diagram:

Display a memory usage map of processes:

See all running processes:

Terminate a Linux process under a given ID:

kill [process_id]
Terminate a process under a specific name:

pkill [proc_name]
Terminate all processes labelled “proc”:

killall [proc_name]
List and resume stopped jobs in the background:

Bring the most recently suspended job to the foreground:

Bring a particular job to the foreground:

fg [job]
List files opened by running processes:


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