System Information

Show system information:

uname -r
See kernel release information:

uname -a
Display how long the system has been running, including load average:

See system hostname:

Show the IP address of the system:

hostname -i
List system reboot history:

last reboot
See current time and date:

Query and change the system clock with:

Show current calendar (month and day):

List logged in users:

See which user you are using:

Show information about a particular user:

finger [username]
Disk Usage
You can use the df and du commands to check disk space in Linux.

See free and used space on mounted systems:

df -h
Show free inodes on mounted filesystems:

df -i
Display disk partitions, sizes, and types with the command:

fdisk -l
See disk usage for all files and directory:

du -ah
Show disk usage of the directory you are currently in:

du -sh
Display target mount point for all filesystem:

Mount a device:

mount [device_path] [mount_point]
SSH Login
Connect to host as user:

ssh user@host
Securely connect to host via SSH default port 22:

ssh host
Connect to host using a particular port:

ssh -p [port] user@host
Connect to host via telnet default port 23:

telnet host

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