Karthix Kernel

Compiled my own Operating System

This OS contains custom ubuntu – with your desired look and feel

Office Tools : Libre Office
Video Tools : kdenlive
Audio Tools : Audacity
Image Tools : Pinta and GIMP

What else do you need with this free software federation ?

The time mentioned here is the least time when using P4 Hardware with 1 MBPS Internet speed.

(depends upon the speed of internet and hardware you use the time may vary)

Step 1 : Download ubuntu mini iso
Step 2 : Assign the iso to run in virtualbox instance – 40 hour
Step 3 : Install OS and when prompted to for software packages do not select any default packages – 10 mins
Step 4 : Install ligthdm – normally takes – 15 mins
sudo apt install lightm

Step 5 : Install openbox – 5 mins
sudo apt install openbox-gnome-sessions
sudo apt install openbox

Step 6 : Install gnome-terminal or terminator – 5 mins
sudo apt install gnome-terminal
sudo apt install terminator

Step 7 : Install obmenu – 5 mins
sudo apt install obmenu

Step 8 : Install gedit or use nano – 5 mins
sudo apt install gedit

Step 9 : Install tint2 – 5 mins
sudo apt isntall tint2

Step 10 : Install docky – 5 mins
sudo apt install docky

Step 11 : Install nitrogen – 10 mins
sudo apt install nitrogen

Step 12 : Install ubuntu wallpapers – 10 mins
sudo apt install ubuntu-wallpapers

Step 13 : Install File Manager – 10 mins
sudo apt install pcmanfm

Step 14 : To customise the look and feel of the windows install lxapperance – 20 mins
sudo apt install lxappearance
sudo apt install xcompmgr

Step 15 : To manage audio drivers and audio controls – 20 mins
sudo apt install pavucontrol
sudo apt install volti

Step 16 : To store all the custom installed packages to work everytime you login – 10 mins
The file you want to create/edit for openbox autostart commands is located at ~/.config/openbox/autostart.sh

tint2 &
docky &
pcmanfm &
lxappearance &
xcompmgr &
pavucontrol &
volti &

Step 17 : To customise boot and splash screens – 15 mins
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

Step 18 : To bundle up your own iso image – remastersys or systemback

I was busy with year ending tasks and so unable to capture videos properly. Feel free to contact me in this forum or question sections for any more info.

Thanks to doriandotslash and kirill sokolov for clarifying few doubts