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And what is thambi robot ?

Thambi robot is a humanoid robot, a research title for my Ph.D on Humanoid Robotics and Expert Systems. Its the World`s First Tamil Humanoid Robot and 2nd Indic Humanoid Robot. Singapore`s First multilingual robot with 4 languages to listen and respond – Tamil, English, Chinese and Malay – https://voice.thambi.ai/final (still adding more languages…)

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Will it have true ai?

True ai or “consciousness” does not currently exist IRL and if it did, it would become “The Singularity”. That’s a scary thing and I do not plan to create that. But who knows maybe I will on accident and the robot will kill me and proceed to take over the world 🙁

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Will it be battery powered?

Yes. It will use LiFe batteries. That said, I’m aiming to have most of the robot’s run-time be based on direct feed from a wall electrical outlet. My plan is to have him always plugged in unless he is switching to a new room/electrical outlet in which case he will unplug his main power cable …

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Why do you want to build a robot?

I have been fascinated with robotics and automation since I first started hearing about advanced robotics in my college years. Since then, robotics have continued to grow in our pop culture and in complexity. They have so many incredible robotics videos on Youtube and on movies these days that I got really inspired and decided …

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